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Thoughts of a Pifffffed Mind.

I understand life now. You have to walk through cow shit to get to the green pasture. I understand now, that when I am hopeless, and helpless, and feeling my weakest, those are actually the times I am my strongest. In reality, you are never given more then you can handle.

A strong person can cry. A strong person can pray for what they know they cannot have. A strong person can feel so beneath themselves, but a strong person must not give up.

I will ride for him, be live for him, because I breathe him and I need him.

I am not asking for pity. Everybody goes through their own trials and tribulations. Some may have harder ones then other, and vice-versa. I am simply asking for you to understand, that when a person looks their worst, as if hell came early, they are only going through a battle to get to heaven.

Life must bring you pain, to appreciate the joy, the happiness. And even in those times of pure darkness, you will feel joy again.
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